Monday, April 21, 2014

Thinking About Mother's Day

Now that Easter is over, my mind has already been thinking about Mother's Day. For years I spent lots of money on my class so each of my students could all give their moms something special on Mother's Day, but last year I created a Mother's Day writing activity that doubles as avery inexpensive gift for their moms. 

The heart-shaped books were a HUGE hit! My students loved writing about their moms and the moms absolutely loved getting such cute books all about them. 

If you're looking for a fun and cute Mother's Day gift idea, this heart-shaped book is perfect! It's a great and easy way to let your students celebrate their moms. 

There are 5 different cover choices. I included 2 different color combos, as well as 2 colored-ink saving options. I recommend copying the black and white cover onto a piece of pretty scrapbook paper.

14 different writing prompts have been included, plus 2 blank heart templates. You can use all 14 choices, pick and choose which writing prompts you would like to print, or have your students pick the prompts they would like to use.

{Here's an example of what the pages look like.}

You can purchase this 'Mother's Day Writing Project and Gift' in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking on the picture below.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Not Teaching Related...

Big news...

We are excited to announce that another little baby will be joining our family in September! 

There's a reason why I've been a little absent from the blogging world lately. Luckily, I haven't been feeling too sick, but between teaching and my other two kids, I have been one exhausted mama.  

In other news... we only have 6 and a half weeks left until summer break! 
How long do you have left?


Saturday, April 12, 2014

All About Eggs!

We've been learning ALL about oviparous animals this last week. Honestly I've never taught a unit like this before (we are usually off track), so I had nothing in my arsenal.  I'm SO SO glad I have the amazing resources of  Seriously, y'all. THANKFUL for talented teachers who share their stuff!

1. Poem- It's to the tune of Three Blind Mice {From: Deedee Wills and can be found here}

2. Lifecycle Craft {From: I Heart Crafty Things}

3.  Frog lifecycle headband- You can't see it, but the whole lifecycle is around the headband. My students wore these for 3 days straight! {From: Amy Lemons' Frogs and Butterflies Unit}

4. Egg Hunt- This one was an activity we did for Fun Friday. It's a following directions/reading type of activity.  There is a black/white coloring picture that you copy for each student (I enlarged it to 11X17 paper).  Then, there are little cards that fit inside eggs with instruction as to what to draw/color on their page. I hid the eggs around the classroom and my students hunted for them, read the card, followed the directions and then put the egg back into the hiding spot. My students loved it!

You can get the Easter Egg Hunt from Janae Van Orman {here}

And don't forget about this behavior incentive for next week!

You can read more about it {here}

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Exciting Things!

I'm so excited to be presenting at SDE's "I Teach 1st National Conference" in Las Vegas this July!  All of my sessions are on July 10th and they are my favorite sessions that I've done so far.

Are you coming?  There are some AMAZING presenters! You can save 10% by registering with my VIP code: RS10 and by clicking {here}
And the best part is... if you there is another conference that intrigues you, you can get the 10% off any of the National Conferences using my code! YAY!

Also... in other news... I have a personal blog that I randomly blog on now! I'll still try to update y'all here with my "Healthy Habits- Healthy Teacher" posts, but my personal blog will have much more. That way I can keep blogging here about teaching and my new blog about eating. :)  I'll be posting recipes, workout tips,  weightloss tips, etc.  Come see me at For Bloggness' Sake (oh and don't stress, I'll still blog here at What the Teacher Wants,  OF COURSE!). 

AND...I'm about to reach a HUGE weight loss goal and I want all of my teacher-friends to be a part of it. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Field Trip Writing

Where do you go on your field trips? We usually go to a children's museum, but this year we are going to a brand new aquarium that has just opened. It's so exciting! The field trip is from 9:00am-12:00pm.  So...what do we do when we get back? Well...we write about our field trip, of course!

This writing activity will be in the shape of a bus when you're all done!
There are 6 different writing inserts and each come with primary (handwriting) lines and regular lines.

Head over to my TpT store and snag this up for your next field trip! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

So Much Going On!

It's never too early to teach a grammar rule that is broken ALL OF THE TIME by adults (including my husband- love ya babe).  I noticed as we were learning these words in our sight word books that they were difficult to explain.  So, I made some posters, a sentence sort, and a practice sheet!

And... we are participating in Facebook Hop!  We have a freebie on our Facebook on page JUST FOR YOU! Plusssss.... there are tons of other fabulous blogs participating. Just head over to our Facebook page and click "Hopping into April". Enjoy your freebie!
Check out these amazing ladies who are also participating!  Check out their blogs first and find your freebie on their Facebook page.

HEY! DON'T LEAVE YET! Natalie and I  are having a sale for  
20% off on Saturday and Sunday! YAY!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Writing Descriptive Sentences

Are you as frustrated with these types of sentences from your students as I am??? 
"It is fun."
"I like it."
"She is nice."

But... it's MY fault they are were writing like that. It's my job to teach them how to make descriptive sentences. So, we started learning about adjectives. I love Kristin's Parts of Speech Cards!

And then we snuck in some synonym work! You can read about my Fancy Word Pack {here}.

And we finished up with learning about BLAH sentences and WOW sentences with Kelley's Pack! It was SO MUCH FUN.  You can read more about how she uses it in her classroom {here}

*The BLAH and WOW words with the 2 boys clipart is not in Kelley's pack. 

We did a LOT of practice and modeling before I let them loose to turn a BLAH sentence into a WOW.  After we did some of Kelley's practice pages, my students were ready to try on their own.  I had them read the BLAH sentence that was given to them (they all got a different one).  Then, on a piece of scrap paper, they brainstormed ideas and details that they could add to their BLAH sentence.  They even practice writing their sentence before they got to write it on their final drafts.

I had them illustrate their WOW sentences (see how I snuck in a little visualizing with this).

I hope this helps your students build great sentences!

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